Compression : Afrika Burn

The title 'Compression' was inspired by trying to capture the feeling of earth and fire. The intensity, the compacted energy, the pressure that the force of the earth builds up and then releases. The title embodied the abstract piece, it conjured up a frozen explosion, a combustion cluster, an opening flower. Its intention was to hold a quiet reflective space in the festival that brought focus to the inner self, the alchemy of creation, life and death.

I envisioned an iconic alignment of fire.. the piece was built to inspire, to be interactive, to shelter and to ultimately burn. Taking its lead from 'Solace' I utilised a similar construction made of triangular plywood timber that would give a powerful connection to flamelike organic spires emerging from the earth, suggesting that more was buried below, that it had a sense of movement and expansion. The desired effect called for a chaotic symmetry of multifaceted self similar spires. These totem like forms created a circular effect and space that made a frame for the firedish at it's centre. Like a flower's pollen, the live element of real fire was essential to the cathartic release of those that visited in the darkest hours.