What do you think of Green Art ?

The most effective "Green Art” is about an economy of material and energy. It looks at the relationship man has with nature. This conversation can work with ideologies, metaphors and processes, but mainly deals with the tension that exists when trying to understand the "isolation" man has created that separates him from the natural world. Through the expression of green art we inevitably come full circle to see ourselves once again as fully integrated and part of nature. This is why it is such a rewarding endevour.

It is no light subject to investigate as there are many negative manmade issues that exploit the environment. By using found materials the sculpture or painting is loaded with meaning that can assist the message the artist is trying to convey. Green art can speak on behalf of a greater cause and educate people to the essential diversity of the environment and the need to protect it and not exploit it. Inevitably the artist is in danger of contradiction by the very process of creating as this can be so energy and resource intensive to the extent that the work is in fact negated by it. One must be very conscious of the creation process and foresee the repercussions of ones actions. Through the works I have made, this has been reveled repeatedly, and I still find it a slippery bridge to traverse successfully.

The requirement of green art is great and difficult to achieve, this is why it is such a fantastic challenge to embrace as it teaches profound lessons as one engages with the dynamic elements and processes of creation and destruction.