Artist Bio_ Simon Max Bannister

Simon Max Bannister has been consistently creating sculptural artworks for 3 years now. After working with his degree in Graphic Design he found the need to express his creativity with an alternative means. Be it earth, stone, leaf, water, light, shadow and even plastic, he grasps the energy and moulds it into a necessary and intriguing artistic dialogue. He is gifted with the ability to capture the essence of the medium he engages with. He is acutely in touch with the elements and it is admirable to see how he does not try to reign-in the nature of his work, but allows it to be freed by the mysterious forces at play. It is ultimately the creative processes of nature that inspire his creative endevours. He has participated in events such as Site_Specific, Afrika Burn, Infecting the City and the National Arts Festival. He has created multiple private commissions for wine estates game reserves and educational facilities. While keeping a diversity in materials, his style is unique and his passionate creativity is in tune with the climate of our challenging times.