South Africa's Womans day

In celebration of those woman that stood their ground, made their voices heard and still continue to lead the way to this very day.

You strike a rock...

Only when one knows the power of dust, you will know the Africa we trust.
A rock is a weapon, a tool, a fire. A word a weapon, a tool, to inspire.
To the mother's bravery we call, give us strength, lift us up, or together we fall.

This piece was inspired by the sculpture of stone created in Kranshoek.


Jealous stone watches as the soaring raven flies
It has been many moons since stone once flew.

Fierce wild fire, sliced with dew, stone breaks and grows old and wiser still.

Touched by sun and rain, stone shows no pity, no pain.
I must move uncarved stone, change its view.

A new vision defined, co-incidence clear, to the mountains they say, follow the Earth mothers to a brighter day.

Seismic chaos frozen for now, calls for a new path to be found.

Fractured and broken by the thin line that defines what is mine -

Together we must weave the way, so the valleys of Eden can flourish again.