Collaboration with WARP

In 1997 Cornell University mathematician Daina Taimina finally worked out how to make a physical model of hyperbolic space that allows us to feel, and to tactilely explore, the properties of this unique geometry. The method she used was crochet.

As the rate of increase of the stitches increases, the construction becomes increasingly crenellated. In effect the space around any point expands ever more exponentially. Whereas all spheres have the same form - varying only in size - hyperbolic surfaces may differ dramatically from an external point of view.

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The threat that global warming and C02 emissions pose to the ocean’s living coral reefs forms the basis for the reference of the project to the fragility of ecosystems which affords analogies for the effects of global warming and sustainable living practices . WARP offers a forum and platform at weekly workshops to voluntary participants who collaborate to crochet an Art Reef Installation for exhibition.

WARP sets out to crochet a symbolic installation of sculptural coral reef structures and to extend the awareness of environmental issues and related aspects of science, math and art within the participating communities and to extend these activities to public forums.

At the National arts festival I worked in the same space as Warp to create an undersea waterscape with their various coral formations and my plastic specimens and a visual projection. I captured their pieces withe the following photographs...