Site Specific and Eden to Addo

Site Specific is a not-for-profit association of people who are passionate about site specific art. We describe it as a form of communion with the land that changes one’s perceptions of given surroundings. It is like being given new eyes. Even after the art has been reabsorbed into nature, the memory of it persists and informs one’s interaction with the landscape. It doesn’t demand huge amounts of visual literacy or education to be moved by the experience of an great land art piece, it is immediate, and it enhances one’s own sense of being in the world. Land art allows one to integrate the often split concepts of ‘culture’ and ‘nature’. Sometimes it is a celebration of the land that sustains us, often it reminds us of the temporary nature of our shared existence.

The Eden to Addo
vision is based on the practical potential within the landscape connecting the Western and Eastern Cape of South Africa, but this vision is guided by a deeper question and dream: What if we could re-establish ancient elephant migration paths across the Cape, what then? What other wildlife will benefit and how will that restore the ecological balance of the region.

Max has been invited to partake in the event and in working with the Eden to Addo Initiative he has conceptualized an artwork for the beautiful location of Kranshoek. The piece will be put together in May 2010 and the preparations have already begun.