A message from the gyre of desire

Reporting from the center of nowhere, far away from civilization, a flip-flop drifts quietly passed the boat. It is too small and too fast for my reflexes as I hold my harpoon at the ready. You have to be fast when hunting macro debris on the bow of the Sea Dragon. 10 days from Uruguay, we are 2540 nautical miles off the coast of South Africa, cruising on a calm sun drenched desert of water. The trawls today have heralded many plastic fragments, filaments and a couple of mermaid's tears (pellets). Shocked by the amount caught by such a small net, the tiny pieces represent a colossal cumulating issue that reaches deep into our consumer carbon culture. In the quiet moments, I have had time to sketch the samples from my imagination…
Image: Max Plasticological Monster gyre sample

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