Hunting Plastic in the big wide ocean...

I'm joining as volunteer crew for the "Sea Dragon". Its a research vessel traveling across the worlds major gyres and collecting samples of water, which contain minute pieces of plastic.

Due to the success of my exhibition at the two oceans aquarium entitled Plastikos, I have raised funds to take my journey of plastic to a new level of adventure.

We will be doing regular timed trawls across the S.Atlanic ocean, analyzing the samples and quantifying the scientific side of the global crisis of plastic in our oceans, which affect our ecosystems and therefore our food supplies.

The destination is the journey and I will be documenting my findings and taking photographs with the intention of doing talks on my return and working the findings into my artworks.

36 days at sea is going to be a real challenge as I have no sailing experience. We are expected to cook, clean, keep watch and help with the trawling and sailing. Leaving on on the 28th December from Cape Town harbour, up the west coast to Walvis Bay, will be the first leg. I think its going to be rough... in a good way.