Plastikos Preparation

All the works are done, Plastikos is here!

I am so excited to make a mess - I mean artwork installation in the aquarium! I have been so busy with creating this mythological island in all its forms, it even has its own typeface now, made from debris caught by the plastic manta ray...

There are so many elements that have developed over the last month for this, sculptures, lightworks, drawings, typefaces and even new bottles of 100% polymers- sparkling! Not to mention an entirely different world of "shrapnel" artworks - waste from my waste from the waste... no waste.

I have found much support in this endeavour, and as inspiration lies in every gutter, the feeling of doing something constructive and meaningful, creative and fun fuels my fire. I feel that great things are happening, my work is constantly growing and getting better. I find great release in reshaping this material. Fantastikos!

The installation will be setup by the end of the week, ready for Marine week... I will set aside a launch evening talk and walkabout, please let me know if you are interested - - but otherwise the exhibition will be up from Oct - Jan so go check out the fish and my plastic creations.

I am taking the manta for a swim in the Waterfront harbour tomorrow to catch some more pieces for the "Tangle" tank. A rather unusual activity on a regular Monday for anyone else, but not for me and my life of art.

I have to share this too, I found this image from the net last night, a micro photograph of a snapped fishing line. Can you say fractal! The golden ratio secret signature revealed...