Waste - a subjective concept

As the seagulls show and the truck says - Nature knows no waste -

This shot was taken yesterday Capricorn Landfill site - Muizenburg - Cape Town. Scouting out the local landfills for refuse management methods, interesting shrapnel and materials for my works. I look for signs of progress within the means of how we deal with the reality of the situation of consumption overload. A new dividing station is being built at the entrance to the site and will be ready in December says the manager. Thats right, they are only gong to start the recycling process then.

This site has been here for over 20 years, located next to a huge wetland right on the muizenburg coastline. With space rapidly running out, we have no option but to reduce, reuse, recycle.

In 2002/03, residents, visitors and businesses in Cape Town generated 2.3 million tons of waste – that’s almost 2 kg per person a day on average. Waste generation is growing at almost 7% per annum – faster than our city’s population growth rate of 1.7%! Three of the City’s landfill sites are already closed and the remaining three are filling up fast.

I am now in Cape Town, getting ready for my exhibition at the Two Oceans Aquarium in October - They have given me the green light to display my lightworks and sculptures throughout the aquarium, a fitting venue indeed. I think my next exhibition should be at a landfill...