A new Wanda!

What's this now?

Wanda is the star in a show called “The Whale Song” by Stuart Palmer of the Lunchbox Theatre. It is a roving theatrical production that caters for the little ones and the little ones at heart. Talking about the importance of whales to the ecosystems is strongly engrained in the show.

Taking about a week to complete, this is one my largest creations yet. Interesting challenges as I had to first find the “skin” polyethylene plastic from various landfills. Then purify it by taking it to the sea, where… they were southern right whales breaching for real! Great inspiration. But the puppet had to be light enough for one person to carry and operate. Moving flippers and spurting blow-hole are some of the features this creation offers. It can also break into 3 parts, fitting neatly into itself…

I really enjoyed the challenge and especially the photo shoot swim!


Take a closer look at some of the crazy detail on her skin…