World Ocean Apocalypse day - 6 June 2010

Water reflects our community...

"There is a report that BP’s use of Corexit 9500 on the oil before it rises to the surface seems to be a deliberate attempt to mask the poison, to cover up that it continues to flow out from the ocean’s floor, while making it impossible to recover. In short, BP and Exxon want to spread the toxic oil throughout the oceans of the world, pollute everywhere, rather than allow it to be seen coming to shore where BP would have to pay for its containment and clean-up."

This is so typical of our species solution to the problem, hide it bury it, out of sight out of mind. Can we not look at our shadow? can we not admit our faults and take responsibility for it! I know that this is not just BPs issue it is all of ours, and a symptom of a system that is bound for self destruction. We are witnessing our own apocalypse… the invisible brownish/black tide is here.