Umtatha ma chance

I have been asked to create a sculpture from waste as a piece for the new WaterFall Park in a location by Umtatha. This is part of the Indhalo Yetho Movement of "Save tomorrow, Today". The Park is part of their nationwide campaign to change peoples environment. The WinWin Group have taken on the community communication aspect with their drums, makarabas and wheely bins...

Turning verges to veggies.

Radical earth moving!

Lines defined for the new park design.

Searching for materials for the sculpture...Organic synthetic greening combo.

Scratching around for scrap is like looking for firewood these days...

Inner city park gardens...

Random pile of coloured stripped wire covers.

Locals baking bricks and river covered with Hycinth.

Water containers cueing ...

50c/kg for light steel is the going rate.

Lucas' puppets jiving!

Me and the WinWin team, on our way to the new park.

Local decoration

Public communication campaign branding

The reality of the river inner city

Deposits on everything is essential to assisting the environment.
Producer responsibility is the next step that we must take to save tomorrow.
reduce, reuse, recycle, responsibility, refund

Tyres, tyres everywhere...