“Buyisela, Umtata”

Indalo Yethu, South Africa’s environmental campaign, has started the “Eco Towns” movement with a bang, with their Buyisela Umtatha project. This project included an 24 hour “Extreme Park Makeover” and a local community education and awareness drive aimed at getting people to clean up their streets, yards, schools and neighbourhoods.

The winwingroup were briefed to create energy and participation at a local level. Artists painted their vision of the park on dustbins. The community got stuck in and helped to drive awareness and paint our taxi-playground!

Mbasa Nqeketo

The winwingroup organised a talent search in the Waterfall community. The canvas' were wheely bins and only paints were provided, participants were grouped and they were given 2 hours to create their artworks. They were asked to use other waste materials, but they all preferred to simply paint.

I was asked to judge the winner, to co- create the artwork for the park...
This bin in particular caught my attention as it had interesting impressionist qualities of what the park could be like... The use of line and background colour was also nicely varied - creating a truly image with unique style.

A local scrap yard, after a brief explanation about the new park at Waterfall- gave the old taxi as a gift. I picked up other bits and pieces from the side of the road and in rather strange - no man land spaces-

Into the night we worked, and we let some of the guys that had been watching us closely give their hand at some painting too. There were at least 20 people involved in creating this piece.

It was well received by all- from the big guys to the small guys...

The winwingroup and Indalo Yetho team.

My complete joy was found when a young boy came up to thank me personally. You see I intend for children to play in it and see it as a cross over from graffiti style vandalism to art made from discarded materials.

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