Beyond the Vastness

Waste is not, but want's knot. To be or to see, to fall or to fry, only legend will tell… so open up the box, because nothing is lost in the wastelands of Plasticos.

I would like to share a tale of warning from beyond the vastness of the oceans and wastelands of our age. These creations that you have just seen, are beings of our own desires, mutated with that of the darker elemental forces. They have been gifted with supernatural immortality.

Scorching sun, pounding rock and water, swirling fire and hurricane wind have reshaped these once familiar relics. Along my journey they have found me, and whispered their stories.

We share many facets with these lost souls. Once with shining promise, they crack with time, bright with purpose, they are now faded and worn, tireless they wander this world, riding the great waters that guide them, shape them and eventually consume them.

As you shall see they are our gods of old, reincarnated into this modern age of progress. They were created to serve us in every imaginable way. By man’s hand they are mutations of the sun’s fire, the black gold, as it is known. And it is the fire, the spark that carries the paradox of life, which quickly runs wild of its creator’s control with a life of its own.

Only now in this Electric Golden age can we look at ourselves in nature’s watery mirror with the knowledge of all that has gone before us.