Water and fire

Waterfall Bluff is one of the few rivers in the world to cascade dramatically into the sea. Just North of Port St Johns, lies a sleepy estuary called Mboyti. From there, its about a 4-hr walk along the cliffs to Waterfall Bluff passing Cathedral rock along the way. The waves crash here with the sound of “Luputhana” slowly eating away the 100 metre cliffs of red and black rock.

After spending a night on the beach at Mayekana in the shelter of a sand dune, I then spent a night under the full moon, on the rocks at the waterfall. With a large fire to keep me company I became entranced with the forms flickering in the shadows of light. How nature’s forms overlap and camouflage each other is a constant inspiration to my imagination and work.

Working with different element metals can change the colour of a regular red/yellow wood flame to a rainbow waterfall of blues, greens, purples and heavenly whites. The ripples and splashes of water hold the same in a frozen moment of fire.

Nature’s forms flow like golden waterfalls through life

Also pictured are the Magwa falls. Over a 100 metre drop to the rocky bottom this gorge is shrouded in mystery. Medicine people come to the river below the falls in search of endemic plants for their potions…

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Along the stream I found some discarded candle wax.

I transformed it into either an old woman face or a beautiful woman, which do you see?