National Arts Festival in Grahamstown

My legs have taken me many steps along the Wild Coast now- I have seen nature in its most pristine and abundant forms and gathered much inspiration and litter along the way.

The next leg of my journey takes me to the South African National Arts Festival in Grahamstown. I have been asked to do an installation in the town and collaborate with ARKWORK, as we have a strong crossover of ideas.

The festival is the biggest in the calender and hopes to attract artists of all kinds from all over South Africa.
Children can explore their own 10 days of amazing of performances in a wonder world of excitement. Hands-on workshops, physical theatre, basket weaving, dance, craft making, beading and film making are a few workshops on offer at the Children’s Arts Festival 2009, held from the 2nd to 11th July.

Why not make your way here and see what's happening on the streets of the arts...

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