Keeping close to the coastline on my journey, I have always been saddened by litter on the beaches. And justly so, we put tremendous pressure on the planet. Keeping on the positive side about our future is either for the brave or the foolish. My gesture is to use these materials as the inspiration for my artworks… the material form, its creation, its journey on the seas, twisted, bent, burnt into a new creation, a new life…re-transformation.

This is my installation at Ushaka Aquarium in the Harbour tank- I foraged flotsam from the beach between Ballito and Durban to get the materials. I then transformed them into various forms of sea life.

The wreck aquarium is a superb world-class destination, with over 150 000 school children visiting a year. Ushaka also has a new dolphin show - Shaka's Tears- created with the assistance of Nick Ellenbogen it delivers an entertaining and profound message about how we need to learn from nature....

It is my intention that the installation catches people off guard- what they think is waste- is environmental art! It catches your attention and before you know it - you are looking closer... a Valpre Blue Bottle, a Soccer Ball Turtle and a Sea Fan Rake … some things are more obvious. Others subtler.

Nature meet waste- eye to eye.

Read the instructions !!!

Waste in space...

Waste cannot be eaten।

The artists here are Tim Noble and Sue Webster... brilliant concept.