Lost rocks continued...

Sibebe Rock, the largest granite dome in the Africa, second only in the World to Ayers Rock in Australia. Created 3.6 Billion years before present, it is the oldest in the world.

Largely unknown however, this international wonder lies quietly in Swaziland, just North of Mbabane.

Boulders lay strewn across the valley, like a giants ancient battlefield. A soft wind blows as I take a steep walk up it's sloping side to the top where a beautiful little lake sits. Rolling hills of grass cover the surface, which is potted with clusters of colossal boulder outcrops.

Bushman paintings lie hidden there, on the walls of caves and overhangs.
Ancient places of refuge.

These same caves now carry modern writings, with names drawn with charcoal.

Taking the liberty to improve the combined result of these recent markings, I gathered some wood to make a fire. Using the charcoal for black and some softer coloured rock for yellows and whites. (Which I collected by the Mbuzo river at the bottom of the mountain beforehand), I drew, as an observer of nature.

Exploring the forms of the elements as symbols draws attention to the similarity they all share. Fire, air, earth and water. A wave perpetuates through the rhythm of life - a spirit wave flows through it, guides it and shapes it. The expansion of creation,
it's definitive form.

Looking closely at nature we strive to reveal it's secrets, for it is in our nature, to look for sequence and pattern. Seeking, searching for the links that connect things, us, to each other and this world.

Explored by Plato, Alchemists, Pagans and in some way by all civilizations, the basic elements have held a mystery in their ability to change this world and fascinate the human mind. Even today, many traditions use water as a form of purification and blessing and the same is done with a flame.

It is our spirit that carries the same flame from our ancient past into the myriad of modern cultures of today, with that essence, a deeper connection we all share with nature, flows through, re-affirming it's greater wisdom, it's power and it's absolute wonder.

Rocks that weep...

Rocks that gather themselves together?

Rocks that cook!

Rocks that hold the sky...