Intention circle 2009

To see a world in a grain of sand
And a heaven in a wild flower
Hold infinity in the palm of your hand
And eternity in an hour.

William Blake
'Auguries of Innocence' (c.1803)

The installation is place of sanctuary, focus and conscious cosmic intention. Aligned with the mountains of the West and the setting sun of the equinox, it’s primary energy is one of balance. Balance is needed to go forward in this world if community and environment are to co-exist. Inspired from the idea of wildlife corridors it symbolically links the distance of 60 km between the Kruger Park and the Blyde River Canyon reserve. Commissioned by Londolozi Game Reserve- it intends to make this long talked about idea a reality.

As it stands, it has two 7m tusks made from 1 ton of 100 year old game fence cabling and wire- coiled, stitched and woven pointing upwards to the sky. Framing the equinox sunset, creating the stage to enjoy the 360 degree panoramic bush-veld with a direct view of the target for the wildlife corridor- Westward, and the beginning of the Drakensburg mountains. The 16m diameter circle of 100 Shibodie Aloes, is filled with 6 tonnes of river-sand, quartz crystals, agates and amethysts. As well as 12 larger stones - Rose Quartz, Serpentine and Jasper to enhance the vibration of the space and mark the point of the setting sun.

Materials used have been locally sourced with extreme care taken in the transplanting and energy taken to place, source and move such materials. Before the first ground was broken the area was blessed verbally by the custodians of the land and myself- our intentions were written on paper and each placed in jars- these were then wired to the tusks with coiled wire via a rose quartz and earthed in the ground - this "circuit" boosts the transmission of the intention with a 100km radius.

Wild Jasmin has been planted along side the tusk transmitters, and will slowly consume the steel trellis structures. This growing sculpture will demonstrate how nature persists to influence, co-exist and take back!

It is my intention that visitors will come and experience the artwork installation for many years to come, enjoy the wilderness around them, listen to their own heart and understand that the installation is a frame to hold the space and the beauty, so that the words of William Blake can become a profound reality.

Now complete as of the 21st of March 2009- the shifting sun of the equinox has activated the installation!

photograph by Greame Marais

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Thank you to all who have made this imagining possible. The Varty's, Simon, Kennith, Robert and Heidi-Lee for her support and photographs.